Software Features

Song selection:

There are 4 ways you can select songs to play – CD cover, Song title, Artist title & Categories. We will cover the Song title selection method here after which the others will become self explanatory. Select a song from the title as follows:

Repeat this procedure for song selection via CD cover, Artist name or Category section.

Controls Panel

The Controls Panel button is in the top left corner of your main screen:



From this panel you can control the volume (Vol + & Vol -), fade a song out (Fade Out), Hard Cancel, (Cancel Song) and switch off the Jukebox. On touch the “Off” button you will be prompted to confirm the “off” command, if you have accidently pressed the “Off” button, this affords you the opportunity to countermand it. (see below)

The Control Panel also allows you a shortcut to the “Autoplay” Manager” without having to go through the “Set-up” panel.

Inside the software control panel (key & password required to use)



Coin mode & settings

  • Free Play – Paid Play mode: Allows you to change Jukebox to Free Play or Paid Play with one touch.
  • Autoswitch – program the Jukebox to switch from Free Pay to Paid Play and back again automatically. Can be programmed for different days of the week.

Enable DJ Station: ads an extra module to front screen. DJ Station is great for hosting Karaoke evenings or controlling the music played in your establishment by allowing you to select/de-select, change play position & sort by genres/categories/artist/titles etc in real time.

  • Clear Playlist when off: Jukebox will automatically clear all songs cued up before closing so the system starts fresh the following day.
  • Confirm Shutdown: Jukebox will ask you to confirm shutdown (in case someone has accidently hit the “off” button – allows you to cancel if you wish.
  • Maximum Songs on Freeplay: Allows you to limit the maximum number of songs which can be chosen & cued up to play. Also known as “Anti-Hog” feature ( eg:stops someone from cuing up 50 Slim Dusty songs!)

Autoplay Manager:

  • Sets automated play – as background music or as foreground (dance) when no-one is selecting songs.
  • Prior to setting time periods and music genre this setting must be ‘enabled’ at the top
  • To avoid restricting the songs that meet the criteria at any one time it is highly recommended that only one of either Year OR Genre OR Beats per Minute is selected at any one time – the relationship between each Group is ‘and’ therefore songs will only play if they are 1970 AND Country AND 70 bpm etc if these are ticked thereby reducing the total available increasing the likelihood of some tracks repeating.
  • Multiple time periods can be entered provided they do not overlap (a system cannot play two different styles simultaneously)
  • Style of music can be set, delay between tracks, and overall playback volume (100% volume means 100% of whatever the system is currently set at not what the system is capable of).



Playlist Manager:

  • Allows you to select and save a number of playlist to suit your situation. Once saved the list can be automatically cued up by pressing “Play Now”



Program Manager:

  • Allows you to “hide” various categories/genres of songs at different times of the day/week. Hide those songs you deem unsuitable during the day and they can be displayed later at night etc. A censorship device.


Advertising Manager:

  • Display in-house advertising throughout your Hotel or Club. Allows you to program days/times of day/display periods etc.



Load Update Discs:

  • Update discs are provided monthly to keep your music library up to date with the latest hits. Just insert the disc into the cd-rom, hit the Start button and everything is loaded automatically for you.



Audits & Popularity:

  • Keep track of your Jukebox earnings – this will tell you how many of each denomination & what your total coin take is.
  • Tells you which are the most popular songs, to allow you to tailor your music updates.



Contact Info:

  • Keep your information on the machine for service & technical contact.



Change Password:

  • Allows you to change the password for all 3 levels.



Coin Settings:

  • Allows you to change the number of songs given for each coin denomination.



Top level Password – For technical use only:

  • Delete Songs
  • Check Songs
  • Re-build Database
  • External Tools


Tips for use

Can’t be bothered selecting music? Let the Jukebox do it for you. In the Autoplay Manager you can decide what Years, Genres even beats per minute you wish the Jukebox to select from – set the delay to “0”minutes and sit back and relax.

Many, many other features including:

  • Fully Digital System. (Touch Screen).
  • Rip your own CD module.
  • In-built ID3 tag identifier & labeler
  • Load your own MP3 files.
  • CD cover recognition.
  • Just like the Pub Jukebox.
  • Auto-play manager.
  • Anti-hog feature.
  • Playlist manager.
  • Programme manager.
  • Song capacity of over 100,000!
  • Capable of playing Video & MP4 Karaoke.
  • 1300 tech support number.
  • Software CD recovery disc.
  • Great look in your Bar or Games room.