Purchase Jukebox

If you want a supremely flexible home entertainment system or to provide a great range of music to a bar, hotel, club or other outlet, the elegant solution is to purchase a jukebox. Here at DDJ Digital, we offer a range of quality digital jukeboxes for home and commercial use.

Forget fussing with racks of CDs to find the songs you want. With a jukebox, all your music is searchable and sortable with easy touch screen operation. For a totally hands off experience, just set up your playlist and push a button. You can relax and enjoy all you favourite songs without lifting a finger.

You’re in complete charge of your music through the use of the controls panel. Here you can adjust the volume, choose to fade out a song at the end, or cancel a song.

All of the units sold by DDJ Digital feature Home Jukebox Software for effortless control of all your music. From now on, all your favourite tunes will be at the tips of your fingers.

Other options are DJ Station for real time music control, autoplay manager, playlist manager, and program manager. If you’re using your jukebox in a commercial establishment, you can use the advertising manager to show various ads.

Here are some of the great benefits of purchase jukebox.

  • You can rip all your CDs and add the songs to your jukebox. That way they easily accessible. No computer needed.
  • Your jukebox can hold over 100,000 songs.
  • Link up with AV to your TV or home audio system for enhanced sound quality
  • When you’re in the mood for serendipity, just engage your jukebox’s autoplay manager to play songs at random. Or you can choose the year, style and even the number of beats per minute and let the device choose random songs that fit your criteria.
  • Never fret about your music collection getting stale, monthly update discs will keep your music library up to date with the latest hits.

When you’re ready to purchase jukebox products, you find they come in both free-standing and wall-mounted styles. Which you choose will depend of the amount of space you have available.

Purchase a Jukebox with Confidence

When you purchase a jukebox from DDJ digital, you also get rock solid support. We offer complementary 24/7 1300 number to call if you have any problems and to answer any queries you may have regarding the use of your jukebox.

In addition, all our jukeboxes feature a 12 month return to base warranty on all parts.

In case of software problems, our jukeboxes are equipped with a self healing imaging system. Just push a button and within two minutes, the operating system will be just like new.

We’ve been producing, fitting out and testing jukeboxes in Queensland since 1999. We also export to many countries. Being a family business, we offer that personal touch.

When you’re ready to purchase a jukebox, get in touch with DDJ for all your digital audio and video management systems needs.