Jukebox for Sale

Are you looking for jukebox for home or business use? If you’ve ever dreamed of having such a stylish and convenient music system in your home or business, the good news is that DDJ Digital has many a jukebox for sale. With a digital jukebox, you can get the charm of old style units coupled with the total control and flexibility that digital systems provide.

Here’s what one of DDJ’s jukeboxes will allow you to do:

  • Rip CDs to your jukebox for instant, convenient access to all your favourite songs.
  • Store over 100000 songs for fast and easy retrieval.
  • Choose songs by album over, artists, song name or category.
  • Create playlists that will pump out your favourite tunes for as long as you wish.
  • Hold your own Karaoke parties by enabling DJ Station.

Another great thing is that our jukeboxes for sale come in a range of extremely stylish models. Choose either wall mounted or floor standing units depending on the amount of space you have available in your home or business.

Jukebox Sales for Business

Digital jukeboxes make the perfect accessory for any bar, club or hotel. Everyone loves music and using one of these devices creates the perfect party atmosphere.

While their favourite song’s playing your bar, customers will stay longer and spend more. They’re also more likely to return and become regular customers. The system offers you several ways to organize promotions. You can change the number of songs available for each coin denomination or offer special music nights, for example.

You can also program your unit to autoswitch between free and paid play mode. The sound of music playing is sure to draw interest from customer who will then drop a coin in to hear their favourite songs.

If you’re using your jukebox in your business, you can make money both from the coins and from advertising. The unit’s built in audit system will track all earnings. Meanwhile the popularity function will allow you to identify which songs are being played most so you can tweak your playlist for maximum income.

Jukebox Sales You Can Depend On

Purchasing a jukebox from DDJ digital gets you a superior product with solid support behind it. Just call our free 24/7 number if you have any problems or queries about the use of your jukebox.

In addition, all our units feature a 12 month return to base warranty on all parts.

They also feature a self healing software imaging system. If the unit freezes, just push a button and within two minutes, the operating system will be just like new and your jukebox will be ready to run.

We’ve been manufacturing, fitting out and testing jukeboxes in Queensland since 1999. We serve the whole of Australia and several export markets, besides. Best of all, we’re a family business not a faceless corporation. Whenever you contact us, you’ll find enjoy warm and friendly service.

We’re the firm to come to for jukebox sales. Get in touch for all your digital audio and video management systems needs.