Digital Jukebox

Thinking about buying a digital jukebox? Here’s why that’s such a great idea.

If you’re a music lover, this is great time to be alive. Every piece of music you could ever want comes either on CD, or in downloadable digital format.

However, one problem in this digital age is how to store and retrieve the thousands of songs we have from ripping CDs and downloading from iTunes, Amazon and all the other sites that offer music for sale.

The simple, elegant and highly functional solution is the digital jukebox. This comes in the form of a freestanding or wall mounted unit that holds all your music and makes it instantly retrievable and playable.

Here at DDJ Digital, we offer a full range of digital jukeboxes for hire and for sale. They come in both freestanding and wall-mounted models. Which you choose depends on your available floor space.

If you’re having a party, you may want to rent one of our units for the evening. You can just set up your entire evening’s music in advance and let the jukebox do the rest. No need for expensive bands or DJs.

If music is your love and want the ultimate in control over your collection, then you’ll want to invest in one of our fine models for home or commercial use.

Digital Jukebox for Sale

One of our premier freestanding jukeboxes is the Bubbler. It’s a full size unit and a treat for the eyes as well as the ears with its colourful arches changing through green, red, blue and white. It’s a hardy and stylish unit with all trimmings crafted from aluminium.

Another popular model is our Classic. It sports a 19” touch screen for ease of use and a brilliantly coloured RGB LED Light display on front.

For wall mounted units, our Brazilian features a contemporary look with a range of different styles. It’s a sturdy unit with a five mm toughened glass or Polycarb front.

As you can see, we have a wide range of digital jukebox models for sale. Check out our website and you’re sure to find something to suit your needs.

When you purchase a jukebox from DDJ digital, you get a superior product backed by solid support. If you have any problems or queries about your unit, just call our free 24/7 support number for some friendly, expert advice that will soon have you up and running.

In addition, all our jukeboxes feature a 12 month return to base warranty on all parts.

In case of software problems, our jukeboxes are equipped with a self healing imaging system. Just push a button and within two minutes, the operating system will be just like new.

When you’re ready to purchase a jukebox, call DDJ Digital. We’ve been creating, fitting out and testing jukeboxes in Queensland since 1999 for export and well as local sale. We’re a family business not a faceless corporation so you’ll always enjoy the personal touch in any dealings with us.