Coin Operated Jukebox Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Cairns

Where Can you Buy a Coin Operated Jukebox in Cairns?

When someone wants to buy a Coin Operated Jukebox in Brisbane, they approach DDJ Australia. We have hundreds of regular commercial customers who keep coming back for repeat business. Every one of the units we manufacture, is made of very high quality material and the latest technology is used in them. In addition, every jukebox also has self-healing software. This means, if anything goes wrong in the software (which is a remote possibility), the system heals itself within 2 minutes- (you just plug in a keyboard).  There is almost no downtime and no interruption to your fun. Our units are used at hotels and clubs, in party hire as well as in homes. We also offer our customers a range of model options, including;

  • Review
  • Thunda
  • Classic
  • Bubbler
  • Angel
  • Brazilian

24/7 Support

All our units work on very high technology and the best quality hardware is used in manufacture. In case of any kind of damage, we are usually able to fix them within 48 hours, as every Coin Operated DDJ Jukebox in Cairns is modular in design. This means we have no difficulty supplying a component and fixing the jukebox in the shortest possible time.  Our technical team can be contacted right around the clock and will help you with all general, as well as specific queries.

Simply put, when you buy a Coin Operated DDJ Jukebox in Cairns or the Sunshine Coast from us, it’s a hassle-free experience for you. We are highly focused on bringing to market, high quality products that will match your requirements to perfection. If you are looking for your first or even your second Coin Operated Jukebox, just  call DDJ Australia on 1300 794 479. This enquiry form can be used to connect