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If you’re tempted to buy a digital jukebox for either home or business, here’s why it’s such as great idea.

Have you ever been impressed by those stylish and convenient jukeboxes? You know, the ones where you put in a few coins, push a few buttons and you’re serenaded with your favourite songs in crystal clear sound? Imagine having one at home or in your pub or club.

Not only will it play all your favourite songs, it will also allow you to create playlists for every occasion. In short, it offers a way to revolutionise your home or commercial entertainment setup.

For home use, you can set it up to play all your favourite songs in any order you wish. Create different moody playlists for various times of the day. Plus, have parties whenever you wish without the expense and fuss of hiring a DJ or band.

Entertainment spot owners gain an additional source of income through coin operated jukeboxes and advertisements. Meanwhile featuring quality music will make your pub, club or hotel into the happening place to be.

If this sounds tempting and you’re ready to buy digital jukebox products, get in touch with DDJ Digital. All of the units we sell at DDJ are a breeze to configure and use via the installed Home Jukebox Software.

Buy Digital Jukebox

When you buy jukebox systems, you get all your favourite songs in the palm of your hand. Just use the touch screen to search, select and then store your favourite tracks in playlists. It’s the perfect way to setup a whole evening’s music in just a few minutes. Then let the jukebox play and you can relax and enjoy the party.

These units are a snap to use. You can select songs using four criteria – CD cover, song title, artist title and category. You can then use an alphabetical keypad to find what you’re looking for.

Buy a Jukebox

When you buy a jukebox from DDJ, you have a choice of types and styles. Depending on the space you have available you can choose either freestanding or wall mounted units. Whichever you choose you’ll get a stylish unit that will grace any home, pub or club.

Buy a Digital Jukebox with Confidence

When you buy jukebox products from DDJ digital, you also get unwavering support.

If you have any problem or confusion about how to use any of our products, just dial our free 24/7 1300 number and we’ll be there to help.

In addition, all our jukeboxes feature a 12 month return to base warranty on all parts.

Each of our jukeboxes features a self healing imaging system. Just push a button to restore the operating system to pristine condition within minutes.

We’ve been crafting, fitting out and testing jukeboxes in Queensland since 1999. We also export to many countries. We’re a family business, which means we offer that personal touch and strive to please.

So if you’re fed up of fumbling through your CDs to find you favourite songs, you know what to do – buy a digital jukebox. DDJ Digital is waiting to help you choose the perfect unit for your needs and budget.