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10 Reasons to go Digital with DDJ

  • Instant start when a song is picked (no waiting for a CD).
  • Fade two songs (including video) together to provide a continuous mix of music — just like a DJ or radio station!
  • Full CD covers for easy recognition.
  • Only 4 easy to use buttons to select each song (pat. pending)
  • Play video and karaoke on the same machine that plays your music — still coin operated if you want.
  • Full password access allows you to control Freeplay, Autoplay, creating your own Playlist, setting Advertising, reviewing Audits, and hiding unsuitable CD’s at different times (Programme Manager)
  • 300 CD’s of music when you first get it, more songs every month and nothing comes off – virtually unlimited capacity.
  • High powered 900w stereo quadraphonic amplification – mature sound even when run quietly.
  • All units will join to house audio and video systems, and switch these off and on as required.
  • On-site service and monthly music update contract options.